Brainstorm Meeting Comments – 11.29.18

Long-term maintenance/reliability

  1. Need new generator at well 7, or can we automate?
  2. Look at options for SCADA costs, justify.
  3. Ellery, growth assumption in 10 years.
  4. Look at shorter term solutions (20-30 years).
  5. Life of technology – what is reasonable?
  6. Who should pay for growth?
  7. Repair tank.
  8. Refer to water bond vote.
  9. Repair existing water tank – reline and update as required. Try for 30 year life.
  10. Fix deficiencies with SCADA system.
  11. Add auto backup power at well 7.
  12. $ for repairs vs. new loan $ available for repairs.
  13. Get grant money to help pay for maintenance needed improvements.
  14. Categorize improvements to aging system components in a MUST NEED to LOWEST NEED. Only do the most needed items in bond.
  15. Find problems first then identify issue maintenance.
  16. Navy has lots of pumps to help with fire; tell navy tank not up to standard so they can help.
  17. Well 7 auto start generator.
  18. Investigate solar options.
  19. Generator or battery backup on main tower, min 3 days.
  20. Use most cost effective method (i.e. if more cost effective to replace rather than repair, best route to go).
  21. “Go fund me” for a new tank.
  22. Connect tank to well to share power and control.
  23. What is the cost between repair or replace.
  24. Against running a new line to the new tank. Already have a tank and lines that work even though they leak.
  25. Cost for new lines/repair of main lines?
  26. Concern: making improvements for the developers in town (for their benefit). They should make their own improvements.

Low water pressure/inadequate fire flow

  1. Can we provide portable systems from the lake to fight fires?
  2. What about a substation/booster pump to supply to low pressure areas.
  3. ID low pressure checks, low flow, which customer, which problem.
  4. Base – can they help with another source of water fire flow?
  5. Feasibility of another source for fire flow than a new tank (? from lake)
  6. Talk to chief Steele. Is there a way to use lake?
  7. How many ERs is Dromore not built out?
  8. Bigger tank up higher remove Dromore.
  9. Pressure monitor on low pressure homes. Is it only three homes with low pressure?
  10. Every house turn water off, then read meter (to see if leaks).
  11. Fixing all leaks.
  12. Check every house on Dromore tank is low pressure.
  13. Replace Dromore with larger tank.
  14. Service PRV valves.
  15. Booster Pumps.
  16. Have no pressure problems/in town.
  17. Water pressure in Bayview .
  18. Water pressure fine in town (Bayview).
  19. Consider home fire insurance costs and increase pressure by replacing pipes.
  20. Paint # of PSI on each hydrant.
  21. Booster pumps?
  22. Find cause for low pressure areas.
  23. Need more hydrants.
  24. Talk to Athol water & sewer to see how they address issues with their system.
  25. Do we check our fire hydrants?
  26. Fire hydrants working? Who does testing? How often?
  27. Replace leaking transmission lines by segments.
  28. Would booster pump work?
  29. Instead of replacing Dromore tank add a second smaller tank and tie both together.
  30. Is there a legal requirement for PSI?
  31. Concern: borrowing a lot of money for area specific parts of town. Don’t like people being responsible for other people’s flow.

Non-Revenue Water

  1. Go to a meter-less system. Everyone bought a share based on size of dwelling/property. Possibly meter at main branches.
  2. Comment: Can’t say we are going to ‘gain’ more money by fixing leaks
  3. Increase usage allotted to each house/account (10,000 gallons)
  4. Do we have a dollar amount for what it costs to repair lines?
  5. Is the Navy any possible resource?
  6. Make is revenue water. Find the leaks and fix it
  7. Leaks must be fixed.
  8. Replace water meters in budgeted blocks within operating budget.
  9. Use mechanical meters
  10. Could there be water stealers?
  11. Cost of bandaid repairs
  12. Leak locator
  13. Replace all pipes that leak at what cost
  14. Find the leaks.
  15. Base rate adjustment for industrial and commercial
  16. Meter the base
  17. Raise monthly usage up to 10,000 gallons. Accuracy not an issue
  18. Leaking lines. ID each source of leaks. How much % to each (of total)
  19. Free water?
  20. Identify the meters or grid area of suspected leaks
  21. Component of higher user fees be a portion of cost of repairs
  22. Are there really 700 leaks in Farragut?
  23. Navy base meter, use water
  24. 50% water loss – nobody really knows
  25. Walk the Farragut lines to find leaks after Navy is metered.
  26. Meter Navy
  27. Replace the pipes – well to tank
  28. Navy should be metered. Replace pipes and fix well to tank leaks
  29. Create a ‘gofundme’ site and raise money
  30. Replace pipe
  31. Install a pump in the lake or share navy resources by written agreement
  32. Replace line from well to tank
  33. Federal money grant. Ideas from Athol Water District.
  34. Weigh options. Fix vs. replace. $ technology for listening or location
  35. Proactive instead of reactive
  36. Life expectancy?
  37. Meter naval base so can just monitor.